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10 Things To Know About Castle Season Seven Premiere “Driven” »


  1. Kate Beckett can both have total faith and loose it in Richard Castle at the same time.
  2. Kate Beckett trades her mother’s old murder board for a missing person board.
  3. Sometimes the evidence can be too overwhelming to deny
  4. That feeling of family Kate Beckett had with Martha and Alexis at the end…


Castle and Beckett playing poker- Season 1//Season 6

If you could do any role, any time - not just now, but in the past, ever - what would you have picked?

Nathan Fillion pretending to take a nap during his Nerd HQ panel (x)

Nathan Fillion’s ‘Things I want to do on film’ bucket list (x)

Please… make Chuck movie being true.

Nathan Fillion & Zachary Levi - Nerd HQ

Nathan Fillion’s reaction when reading the finale script.

A Conversation with Badass Women

Missy and Zach are so cute in the last gif :’) and even Zach and Yvonne!